Jalan-Jalan Keliling Garut (Garut Escapade)

Garut District, a district of West Java Province.

Last week, I had rough time. Finishing my thesis. It almost made my brain blows up. haha. So I decided to have a cool down. I wanna go to somewhere near but great to be visited. Oh, it was Garut. I started googling for whats good in Garut. There are several good places in Garut. But I just had one day to travel. So I must choose the destinations that can be passed through by one day.

I asked my backpacker friends, told them to go. They are real traveler, no matter how abrupt it is, they join me. They are Kak Mita, Kamal, Adi, Toni, Aep. We went using a rent car for 24 hours. I printed those destination guide. While being in the way to Garut, we discussed which destination we should go to. After talking much,  they are Candi Cangkuang, Situ Bagendit, and Santolo Beach.

We departed from Bandung at 7.00 am. First, enter Pasteur toll, exit at Cileunyi, paid for IDR7000. Then passed through Nagrek, go forward to Garut. First, we went to Candi Cangkuang (Cangkuang Temple). we accessed the site by turned to the left when we arrived at Alun-alun Garut. Then drove straight forward. Just about 2km, from Alun2.

The Candi Cangkuang is located in the middle of small lake. what a beautiful temple it is. We have to use Rakit to go to the temple. This is the Rakit look like

Rakit Candi Cangkuang

Rakit Candi Cangkuang

Entrance ticket is IDR3000/person. Rakit fare is IDR4000/person. We must wait until the Rakit is full (max 20 passenger), then Rakit departed. By the time I stepped on the temple ground, I get surprised, the Candi is so fucking small!! hahah :D. but its oke lah. Sightseeing, looking-looking, taking photo, its what we could do there. It quite nice.

Candi Cangkuang

Candi Cangkuang

Candi Cangkuang

Candi Cangkuang

just spent a few time here, then we went to Situ Bagendit. it was 11.00 am. We had lunch, then I drove to Garut city, then move to south. Just in half hour, we arrived at Situ Bagendit. Situ bagendit is a small lake, but its nice. The scenery is beautiful. We can play a thing, kereta air.

Situ Bagendit

kuda laut situ bagendit

it was my first time to play this thing. Haha, so excited!

at 2.00pm, we leaved this place, heading to Pantai Santolo (Santolo Beach). Its quite far away, about 88km, located at Pamengpeuk. At the beginning, we were doubt that we can arrive before sunset. But, I was optimist, we can make it. I drove the car so fast, even the road is hilly and winding. Aep said “hey, you think you bring goat on board?”. I said “please be patient, if I didn’t drive fast, we couldn’t arrive before sunset”. as I predicted, almost all of my passenger got nausea. we stopped several times, in order to normalized the nausea.

The road to Santolo Beach is so rough, narrow and desolate. Thanks god! we arrived before sunset. it was 5.30pm. the sea  wave was so high. the wind blows strongly. I couldn’t wait to jump into the water… Standing on the sea shore, outdare the wave. If we have arrived earlier, we could have seen the blue ocean with sun kiss our skin and wind touch us gently.

Jump together @santolo beach

Pantai Santolo

Pantai santolo saat senja menjelang

7.00pm, we go to the city, had lunch, then at 8.30pm, we were heading back to Bandung. Imagine, the rough,desolate, and winding road in the night. What a scary. But I was used to pass that kind of road, so I wasn’t worry. We arrived at Bandung at 3.00am. hufff, what a pleasure it is.. 🙂


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