Kawah Putih, Ciwidey

This story begin when I was a sophomore student in ITB.. It was December 24th, 2008. We had an holiday after completing 3rd semester. We were Khairul, Pras, Dhito, Fachri, Krisna, and me. I get bored with campus stuff,  need to go refreshing, see the nature. Escape from daily activity.

We went to Kawah Putih Ciwidey with low budget. So we decided to to by public transportation. We met in front of Boromeus hospital at 6.00am. Waiting for Bus Damri headed to Terminal Lewi Panjang. From Lewi Panjang get on a Bus, Lewi Panjang-Ciwidey. The fare was about IDR15.000, but I’m not pretty sure. The scenery while on the way to Ciwidey was amazing, we were in the middle of rice farm, corn farm, and forest.. so green, it made my eyes relax and felt the inner peace.

We get off the bus at Terminal Ciwidey. Then, get on an yellow angkot. The fare was about IDR2500. That angkot took us until the entrance gate of Kawah Putih.

Kawah Putih

Entrance Gate

At the entrance gate we pay the ticket for arround IDR10.000/person (but I am not pretty sure, it has been a long time ago). At the entrance gate, there are pickup car with artificial roof, they offered us the services. IDR100.000 for one car, go and return. They said that its hard to walk until the caldera, far and inclined. We didn’t believe on them, I though its a lying. Then we decided to walk on foot.

Feel tired while walking make us believe what that people said before. its about 6km, with extreme inclination. walking on foot make us exhausted. it made us had imagination “someone friendly with empty car will offer us a ride”. The reality, people were starring at us. We stopped and took a rest for a while several times, before reaching the caldera.

We took the picture of scenery while taking rest

Finally, we arrived at Kawah Putih at 1.00pm. I was so excited, felt like so success reaching the caldera. A small lake, with grey-green water, its amazing. The water is warm.. so much sulfur, it can be seen by yellow mud everywhere. Somebody said that sulfuric water can heal any skin disease.

Kawah Putih

the beautiful kawah putih

There is  a boiled water on the next side of kawah, we must take a walk through the cliff. Its dangerous to walk there, because the cliff is steep. The walk step is muddy, I almost lost my sandal, because I stepped on a thick mud. But it was challenging, I like it.

Kawah putih

the other side of kawah putih

After exploring, we decided to go home. It was around 3.00pm. But unfortunately, it was rain, heavy rain.. I did not bring umbrella. Then we started wondering how to go down, its impossible while raining. We dont have other choice, except walking on foot because we did not bring vehicle. The rain stopped at 4.30pm, we were luck. There was a couple rent a pickup car to carry their motorbike. We ask for a ride, Oh, Thanks god.. we got it. we pay IDR5000/person.

We reached the entrance gate at 5.00pm. We still had more energy to do stuff, so we went to Situ Patenggang (famous  lake, folk said if you go with your couple, you will get bonded forever). But I did not go there for that. I just wanted to see the scenery. We went by yellow angkot, pay for IDR5000/person.

Situ Patenggang

Situ Patenggang

At 6.00pm, we headed back to terminal Ciwidey. Got on yellow angkot, pay for IDR5000. From the terminal, we got on a minibus, Mitsubishi L300, to Terminal Lewi Panjang. From Lewi Panjang we took angkot Sadang Serang Caringin, to Dago. It was a great time!


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