Getaway to Tidung Island

This time my backpacker team went to Tidung Island on October 2011. Tidung island is located in Kepulauan Seribu, at the north of Jakarta. We are Me, Haryus, Adi, Dhito, Jiwo, Lutfi, Rizky, Khairul, Kamal. Actually, our plan is going to karimun island, karimun island located at the north of semarang city, about 6 hour by boat. Its far enough from here, its rain season also, so some of my friend canceled joining the trip. Then I changed the plan by the easier one. I offered them to go to tidung island, it is much as beautiful as karimun island. They are agree, so we departed.

We departed from bandung by train at 8.00pm, business class, it costs IDR45.000/pax. During on the train, we never stop talking and playing card. We arrived at gambir train station around 11.30pm. We had to wait unti l early morning for going to the muara angke harbor,because the boat’s departure time is 7.00am, no appropriate place to spend the night at the harbor, because it is fishing boat harbor, so smelly and dirty.

We slept at the train station until 4.30am. Then at 5.00am I rented a taxi and a minibus avanza toward muara angke harbor, it costs 120.000 for both. We arrived at the harbor at 6.00am, bought a breakfast. Boat ticket fare is IDR33.000/pax, we paid it while on the boat. The boat leaved the harbor at 7.00. It is a small boat, so prepare for the nausea, if it is high wave on the sea.

We arrived at the island on 9.30am, when I saw this island for the first time, it impressed me, sun shine on the blue sky over the blue ocean. I have booked the accommodation before, pak mansur belonging. We rent one house, the house is new built, nice and clean. For the house, it costs IDR250.000 for two nights. I got the cheapest price because I bargain, I am good at bargaining,haha. You’ll never get that cheap price. You know, its including two times breakfast, and drink. This island is small, you no need of car or motorbike, we ride a bicycle to go around the island. For renting the bike, it costs IDR17.000 for two days/pax.

We tried banana boat, it costs IDR35.000/person. It was amazing, you have to try this banana boat, I like when the boat rider turn the boat sharp, so we fall into the sea. There is interesting story. Dhito didn’t take his hand off the banana, so when the upside down, dito sank under the banana. I was so worried, then I shouted to adi to swim soon toward the banana to save dito, and I also try to swim fast. Then, the boat rider pull the string of banana, then dito appeared to the sea surface. Oh, thanks god.

In the afternoon, we ride the bicycle around the island until the edge. The sun almost set, we had to go back soon, because there is no light there, it will be so dark. But my bike’s chain is broken, its hard to overcome, then I searched for a string, then tie it to Adi’s bike.

Next day, we go for snorkeling. We order the boat and the suit by mr.mansur. The boat costs IDR300.000, the suit costs IDR35.000/person. It was nice!

We went back on sunday, there are two boat schedule on sunday from tidung island to muara angke, they are 7.00am and 1.00pm. We took that 1.00pm. From muara angke we took taxi, going to gambir train station. At that time, I don’t know why, the train ticket is so expensive, IDR80.000. So I decided to rent a car. One more time, I bargain the price, I got IDR425.000 for one minibus avanza.

Tidung is a lost piece of paradise!


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